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Our Season's Beginning

Nature and Wellness

Nature’s inherent resilience, growth, and beauty have mentored me throughout my life.

To know that a seed plunged in decay can grow into something beautiful with proper nurture and even stress, allows me to readily accept my own challenges.

To know that there are many seasons

seasons of resilience
seasons of growth
seasons of beauty

throughout a flower’s lifetime, reminds me that my life will have seasons too.

A time laugh
A time to mourn
A time to dance

Appreciating each in their time.
Finding the strength to look forward to spring.

To our beginning season.

Meet Your Instructor




Abby has a Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Management from BYU and is currently pursuing her Master's through IU. She has worked in wellness and recreation therapy for 3 years. Her love for flowers is matchless and she is overjoyed at the chance to join the two.

Meet Our Flower Farmer




Hannah has a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture from BYU Idaho. Over the years she has worked in demonstration gardens, designed landscapes, and worked with florists. She is currently working on a rose farm and loving every moment of it! She is delighted for this opportunity to help others grow their own cut flowers!